Meet Chelsea

Hello beautiful soul!

I want you to know, I see you. I see all that you're doing to make a difference in this world, provide for your family and make an impact in your community. You, my friend, take care of everyone else first. You're constantly giving of yourself, working 60+ hours a week and no where near paying yourself what your value is. You know how I know that? Because I used to be in your shoes. But, before we get into that, a little more about me.

I am a certified strengthsfinder coach, business & life coach, host of Underneath the Clothes podcast and I own Chelsea's Boutique, a women's clothing & shoe boutique in downtown Sioux Falls, SD. I started this boutique, that focuses on empowering women, over a decade ago when I was freshly 20! In my 11 years of running this thriving business that continues to increase profits 10-30% every year, I have seen it all! 

Let's be honest for a moment, entrepreneurship is hard! I'm not here to glamorize it and tell you starting a business, opening a 2nd location or year-over-year growth is fun & rewarding! It's difficult. It's scary. And it's incredibly lonely.

My goal, is to make it a little less difficult, a little less scary & a LOT less lonely. I have literally been through it all from the brink of bankruptcy (after an incredibly messy divorce) to completely bouncing back, IN. THE. SAME. YEAR. and having my biggest year! I've had years of being my only employee to now managing over 20. I started with running my facebook account off my personal page to now having a full time Brand & Media Manager that runs our Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest & Youtube channels.
I've hustled. I've put in the work. And I've built a business I am so incredibly proud of! A business that serves its community and one that continues to help empower women & help them find their inner confidence.
But do you know the hard lesson that took me waaaay too long to learn? It happened one day when I woke up and all I could think about was how much I wanted to sell my business, how unhappy I was, how I was working 80+ hours a week doing all the things that I didn't even enjoy doing and paying myself less than minimum wage. Sound familiar? 
I've learned the hard way; the processes, the people & through my own strengthsfinder coach, how to get back into alignment with my purpose AND my business and how to do it all without working over 40 hours a week. And the super sweet kicker? PAYING MYSELF MY ACTUAL VALUE.
I don't do the day-to-day tasks of running my business anymore and I wake up every day so excited and grateful for this beautiful life and career. I want to help you feel the way I now do, because I know what it's like to have breakdowns from overworking yourself into exhaustion, I know what it's like having relationships struggle because you "can't" take the time for those you love and I know all too well what it feels like to be incredibly anxious and concerned about money constantly. 
Through open, honest & authentic dialogue, I know I can help you get clearer on your vision, take charge of your time, grow your profits & live within your leadership strengths so you go to work everyday LOVING what you do! Learn from my hard lessons and take control of your business, instead of it controlling you. You DESERVE to be happy and are worthy of self love and daily gratitude
What I am:
  • I am honest + direct (tough love!)
  • I am BIG on personal development, your business can’t change if YOU don’t
  • I am fast moving (be ready to change your mindset & business strategies right away!)
  • I am discrete and will respect your privacy and everything you share with me
  • I am a visionary with a mission to help women, just like you, have an incredible life and business
What I am not:
  • I am not the execution of ideas (that’s you!)
Are you ready to take control of your business? I'd love to work with you! Schedule your FREE 30 min consultation today! 

Things I've been apart of:
  • Co-creator of The Kalon Project
  • Co-creator of the Truth in Beauty Project
  • Graduate of EmBe Women's Leadership Program 
  • 2019 EmBeliever Award winner
  • Client coach with Dress for Success Sioux Falls
  • Mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters
  • Nominee of EmBe's Young Woman of Achievement award  
  • Featured on Google, Gallup & Gusto (that's a lineup I never thought I'd see!)